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OpenCivic Grants



WUN is collaborating with many key allies to bring our "Culture of Caring"

Watershed Revitalization where it's needed most, bridging our vast inspiration

for resilient community into Living Systems Solutions projects in the field.

The INCENTIVIBE software is an self-organizing system to facilitate purpose

driven event management, as well as network and branch cultivation to

automatically verify group activities and distributing resources

based tracking on performance and accrued reputation.

OpenCivics, a research and development consortium, convenes and

facilitates a civic innovation network of leaders, innovators, change

agents, and public servants actualized in service to the public good.

This decentralized institution connects projects and organizations

utilizing collaborative design and governance processes to generate

actionable solutions to critical  public needs and civilizational challenges.

Quadratic Funding is a form of collective intelligence for philanthropy

that relies on people like YOU to donate and vote with your crypto.

If you believe in this initiative, now it’s time to vote with your donations!

WaterUnity Networks is dedicating 10% of the crowdfunding raised

toward humanitarian aid for the innocent women and children devastated

by the current crisis around the world. We utilize the IncentiVibe protocol to

efficiently coordinate, verify and reward our Watershed Revitalization.

Click the button to contribute to the OpenCivics Genesis Grant #GG19.

Please help us launch this decentralized initiative & contribute.


If you’re new to web3 to learn how to set up a wallet 


to discover and donate to the other worthy projects.

to learn how to get started with Gitcoin Passport

Please reach out to us to answer any questions.

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