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Phase 1

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WATERSHED WISDOM COUNCILS CONCEPT (WWCC) is a whole-systems organizational design and navigational chart serving the emerging culture of local to global Water~Earth Stewards who are aligning their efforts within the primary intelligence of our Essential Source Water. With this as our common bond and core foundational structure, we strive to empower enduring regenerative, resilient communities in our Watersheds designed to handle whatever comes.

This innovative model bridges our vast inspiration for protecting our vital life systems and revitalizing a thriving world, with the cultivation of a rapid immune response for our collective Water~Earth Body. By supporting these practitioners and projects, we're implementing what we believe are the most effective regenerative solutions for rebalancing our planet,

We are calling the process of this journey 'Awakening the Heart of Humanity'

Even though we are mapping diverse, multidimensional layers complexities, the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept (WWCC) is actually founded on the simple essential premise that WE ARE WATER and BE THE RIVER the few core ethos outlined below.

By establishing this comprehensive structure of Watershed Wisdom Councils, based on the molecular structure of Water and aligned with the nature of Water, we're forming a radically collaborative, highly efficient system of concentric small community councils and affinity groups actively aggregating our wisdom and actions from the Headwaters to Ocean and back again.

The WATERUNITY NETWORKS (WUN) framework of Partner Platforms is created to hold

Please read the documents found in in the boxes above to learn more nuance about the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept, then go to the TIER 1~ORIENTATION Intake Form...


Here are the core principles serving as our guiding North Star

for the WWCC and WUN in 'Awakening the Heart of Humanity'

●  Water is the Source of All Life, not an exploitable resource. Remembering this truth bring us back to who we are.

●  All Life on Earth is the infinite creative expression of Water, expressing itself as the diversity of All Life.

●   Since there is only One Water nurturing all of our Earth Body, this One Life serves as Water's circulatory system.

●  Humans, comprised of 99% water molecules, are integral to the whole life system of any Watershed.

●   It's essential to integrate human activities within the health, sustainability and balance of the whole system.

●  Transforming one’s self, from the inside out, is the source of all abiding positive transformative relationships.

●  "WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER”! We can only solve our societal crises by learning to radically collaborate together.

●  Local community is the most effective unit of global transformation; it is vital to co-creating resiliency in society.

●  We commit to being respectful, generous & peaceful - most importantly BE KIND TO SELF, OTHERS & ALL LIFE.

●  Do unto those downstream of you as you would have those upstream do unto you.

●  We gratefully cherish Pure Water as if each of our lives depends on it, because they do.

●  TIME IS NOW! BE THE RIVER! (Every drop counts, and each plays their part!)

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