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WATERSHED WISDOM COUNCILS CONCEPT (WWCC) is the navigational chart for a whole-systems Watershed Stewardship organizational model. Drawing inspiration from the primary intelligence of our Essential Water – the Source of All Life on Earth – as our core foundational structure and greatest ally, this concept is our guiding north star. The 'WATER ETHOS' is an evolutionary paradigm calibrating humanity's core relationship to our Living Source Water and All Life born and nurtured from this. WATERUNITY NETWORKS (WUN) is a 'Mothership' of sorts; it is conceived as a nexus point for emerging regenerative projects and practitioners from Water Advocacy communities. This radically collaborative framework and organizational platform connects committed change-agents ready to catalyze effective actions with the tools, expertise and experience required for critical mass adoption. Working within an alliance of curated Partner Platforms, and Regenerative Allies, each participant is called to co-create a planetary culture of dedicated Water~Earth~Life Stewardship on behalf of present and future generations of All Life. WUN ATRIUMS are designed as our public-facing community commons and the primary entry portals into the WATERUNITY NETWORKS (WUN) designed for the encouraging, developing. linking and organizing a local to global network of communities groups known as 'Watershed Wisdom Councils.
Recognizing the small community council model as the most efficient means of lasting tangible transformational change, this concentric weave of regenerative Watershed Wisdom Councils, Affinity Cohorts, Functional Guilds, and Water Sanctuaries, are designed to empower diverse, international groups of stakeholders willing to work together to revitalize their lands and lives within their local Water catchments.

In doing so, we are leaning to truly work TOGETHER with the shared intention of restoring the planetary Water Cycle to healthy balance, so All Life on Earth may thrive. Our collective efforts are committed to the enduring benefit of present and future generations of All Life.

THE BASICS FOR THE WATERUNITY NETWORKS CONCENTRIC COUNCIL STRUCTURE 1) Source Wellspring (individuals) 2) Covalent Circles of Trust (local small councils) 3) Concentric Council Conclaves (regional assemblies) 4) Confluent Tributary Guilds (conclaves of function across Watersheds) 5) Affinity Cohorts (conclaves of interest from across Watersheds) 6) Local & Bioregional Water Sanctuaries (communities of Water Stewards)
7) Ocean Quadrants & Oceanic Parliament The Watershed Wisdom Council Concept, as a whole-system organizational design model allows the wisdom of every stewards aligned with their Source Waters to be connected and working together within the "WaterUnity Networks", which then returns this energy, supporting effective field projects in a toroidal current of caring. This emerging family of platformnetworks may each have their own unique priority and function but their foundational structures are all build upon the Water Ethos of the WWCC. Our Circles of Trust Small Councils are built with the assurance they are committed to the same ethos and core principles. They are committed to working together for greatest influence and impact rebalancing and revitalizing the planetary Water Cycle, while dedicated to the transmutation of the human social systems for the healing and regeneration of our damaged ecosystems and disappearing species. These networks will allow our Stewards to help Essential Source Water remember its return to its original blueprint of flow and purity for the nurturing of All Life's flourishing biodiversity.
As the concerned and committed citizens of Planet Earth, we can only move towards building this global mycelial network all together, although we still need to gather the tools and create our toolboxes for managing this shared mission. We engage together within the structure of the WaterUnity Networks, we align with Water, our greatest ally ever, and drawing upon a powerful shared mission ~ to retain what remains of our intact biomes, regenerate what's been lost, and create resiliency in our communities ~ on the behalf of present & future communities of All Life.


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