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What Can We Do to Restore Our Water?

We Will Never Know Unless We Ask ...

There Are So Many Ways WE Can Contribute!

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What is the most crucial contribution of our times?

Remembering Water as the Essential Source of All Life and truly living within this knowing.

We must learn to cherish our Water as if our life depends on it ... because it does.




  1. Thank your Water every time you receive any benefit from it ... our gratitude is powerful!

  2. Learn how you can reduce your Water usage locally and eliminate products from the rainforests;

  3. Make financial donations to front-line organizations working to protect the World's Watersheds;

  4. Register with us to learn more about how to become a Water Steward for your home Watershed;

  5. Find other Water Stewards in your Watershed, and online to begin meeting on a regular basis;

  6. Learn what regenerative Water organizations are working in your region and volunteer to help;

  7. Network upstream and downstream - include the entire biome in your consideration;

  8. Research 5 top issues threatening your area's Watershed, look for solutions & create a database;

  9. Create Water Awareness Days, and find out if there are folks in your community without reliable clean Water. Work with the authorities to improve everyone's access to healthy Water;

  10. Next time it rains, take a walk around your neighborhood to learn where there might be problems with runoff and improper drainage, then work with your authorities to make the improvements.

  11. Create a story, play, or video on the importance of Water and share it with the world; 

  12. Plant a rain garden at home and in your public spaces to slow and sink the Water's runoff;

  13. Organize a tree-planting day, including  the plan to maintain the seedlings for at least 5 years;

  14. Organize a clean-up day at your local Waterbody & learn how garbage is managed in your area;

  15. Form a youth citizens league to educate your community about the imperative Water issues;

  16. Share what you are learning ... with us & in posts on social media about the importance of Water;

  17. Have a fun community Water movie night and celebrate your cleaned-up Water together.

         ... and get creative! There is so much more we can accomplish for the healing of Our Source Water.



What if, instead of pillaging, we would remember the inherent interconnectivity of humans to Water and All Life?

What if, instead, we could each contribute to healing our Water Cycle by everyone making incremental changes?

Maybe we commit to cleaning a small section of our Rivers or Oceans, then connect our efforts globally?


We know these small coordinated actions will add up to the critical mass needed for a Global Culture of Caring. 

We seek to weave humanity together as one vital caretaking species and to collectively return ourselves to a good balance with our Source Water, the natural world, and all life born within this incredible biosphere of Earth.

If you're interested in contributing in any way to our shared mission:

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