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"Bridging the gap between our inspiration & the effective implementation of solutions"

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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"

~ Lao Tzu ~


    WUN GUEST BOOK The WUN Guest Book is our entry into WATER STEWARDSHIP. Exploring these first public pages, we stand at the shoreline of a vast One Ocean. Understand that WUN is an emergent process in our collaborative development and we won't be able to see the full scope of the WaterUnity Networks' potential from here. Please trust in what we'll find just over the horizon as we journey. WUN WELCOMES OUR FRESH WATER STEWARDS Feel free to explore these first public pages of the WUN Atrium Home Base. Return to this page to sign the Guest Book when ever you're ready to take the next steps into your own Watershed Stewardship adventure. Once you've filled in your information, you'll be able to stay in touch with us, and us with you. Signing in allows us to support you in your interest in becoming a more accomplished Water Steward as you advance towards join us the "Wellspring" membership. Signing the Guest Book gives you access to reminders, updates, occasional newsletters. You opt in by answering yes to the appropriate questions on the form and you can choose to opt out at any time. Be assured, we will never sell or release your information to anyone, ever! If these WUN public pages are all you have capacity for at the moment, that is perfectly fine. This is a step-by-step process and we will each advance at our own capacity. If this small glimpse has awakened your curiosity, you are invited join us whenever you are ready. We invite your feedback. Go to the Connect page us to contribute your comments. New Watershed Stewardship requires us to use perspective and language in new ways, our Glossary of Terms helps to guide us.
    WUN NEXT STEPS If you are coming to this WUN Home Base website from one of our Partner Platforms, welcome! We are excited to have you join us! Here in this WUN website, we have the chance to dive as deep as we have time and capacity for, advancing at our own pace. If you choose, after you have gotten a sense of things here in these public pages, the Orientation and Onboarding tiers will guide us into the "WELLSPRING", our collaborative, community-building membership space, where we can dive into the deeper Water Stewardship process. Please understand that this self-organizing deepening process is designed to guide us through a progressive sequence of distinct Concentric Tiers of Engagement in order to become better Water Stewards caring for our precious Earth. Currently, there are 7 Concentric Tiers of Engagement following the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept navigational charts. We will have to complete each tier in order to advance to the next. The TIER 1~ORIENTATION, while technically still a public space, is the first intentional step toward being able to gather in the Wellspring. Although, there are a few more simple steps preparing you to get to this point of transition. In the Orientation phase each Fresh Water Steward is requested to join our Primary Partner Platform, the World Water Community here: Please attend at least one ORIENTATION ZOOM CALL for advancing to TIER 2 ONBOARDING. Calls currently occur every Monday @ 11:00 am on Zoom. You can also schedule individual call if you can not make that day and time. Onboarding into the Wellspring for the deeper Water Stewardship process comes after you have completed the TIER1 ~ Orientation. In the Onboarding phase you will have the opportunity to join into each of our activated WUN Partner Platforms and find the WUN Atrium Portals there. Each Partner Platform is selected because they align with the WATER ETHOS and offer specific functions and access to other unique communities, each with their own character. You can find which Partner Platform best serves your needs, and explore all the other options.: “You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~ Rumi Every Drop Counts! Dive in.
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