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One Planet

One Water

One People

One Life

The 'Watershed Wisdom Councils Concept' (WWCC), is a whole-systems stewardship model aligning effective action with the essential intelligence of our Source Water itself - for the benefit of All Life. 

As world citizens deeply concerned about the very real potential of catastrophic ecological and social systems collapse, we are now co-creating a collective culture of caring impact and ethical influence, drawing upon our vast wisdom and best intentions for this imperative. We are rising together as a world community for a rapid planetary immune response to heal and rebalance Our One Water Life. 


The Water Unity Network is a global alliance of committed Change Agents and Water Stewards working to actively engage their communities to effectively protect and revitalize our regional Watersheds ~ retaining what remains of our intact wild biomes and regenerating what we have lost ~ in order to ensure present and upcoming generations of ALL LIFE may thrive far into the future.

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