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The Watershed Wisdom Councils connect our systems of Water Stewards and the Covalent Circles of Trust upon the on the original blueprint of Structured Water, This, the natural law of Water is hiding in plain sight as the most efficient and cost effective method to work through the evolutionary imperative we are facing as the human species. The concepts of the Covalent Circles of Trust, the Concentric Councils Conclave, and the online WaterUnity Networks are anchored in the original nature of Water. Designed to concentrate the collective intelligence of the entire Water System of the planet into bioregional working groups of small councils we are intending to gather the whole system's wisdom, influence and impact for the greatest good for All Life. Thus we in the prime position to be encouraging healing and transform our entire species and creating a world where future generations of All Life will flourish in balance and alignment with Our Essential Source Water.


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