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Aligning with the Nature of Water as  Our Source

Aligning with the Nature of Water as  Our Source

By aligning ourselves with the fundamental Nature of Water as the Source of All Life, and tapping into this as the foundational structure for our Watershed Regeneration, we enlist the greatest ally ever in rebalancing the planetary hydrological climate cycle.  With this as our north star, we learn to work TOGETHER in whole-system collaboration, revitalizing ourselves, our communities and  our biosphere. 

WHAT A CONCEPT!  Simple, obvious, purely possible. It seems like common sense and easily done.

However, humanity is not a simple species and a myriad of challenges will arise in implementation. 

Still... it's logical to begin here, organizing to build a strong bridge to get us where we need to go. 

This is dynamic, live-long process of multilayered engagement. not a prescriptive program of quick fixes. None of us have sailed these seas before, however, we ARE forming a flotilla of Watershed Stewards to take this journey together. This requires active participation and commitment; engaging our collective intelligence to construct as set of navigational charts to assist us only makes sense.


Our mission to create the most effective, efficient structures to hold the vision. We believe it is the present generation's responsibility to ensure our descendants have the same opportunities to thrive on a hospitable planet that our forebears enjoyed for the most of the previous Holocene epoch.  THE BEST TIME IS NOW! to

Working Together ~ Committed, Connected  & Coordinated

Working Together ~ Committed, Connected  & Coordinated

We place Water at the center of all our efforts, because every life form is nourished, nurtured and regenerated by  our essential life force - the Water flowing through us. This whole-system structure can restore the natural balance for how humans either impact or integrate into our local biome as we move within the terrain.
As an online space, the WATERUNITY NETWORKS (WUN) offers a safe haven for supporting regenerative practitioners' projects with the access to experts and resources required, in order to co-create resilient communities able to adapt to our rapidly changing world. Connecting along Watersheds and climate zones, every community applies solutions uniquely suited to the needs of their bioregion and monitors the progress.
Each bioregion and community participating in the WATERUNITY NETWORKS is committed to the shared mission of rebalancing our planet's hydrologic cycle, building resiliency in our Watersheds, and actively applying effective nature-based solutions for local and global results to address the root of the Climate Crisis.
As we evolve towards our ultimate goal of forming an interconnected localglobal system of Concentric Council Confluences (OCEAN QUADRANTS, AFFINITY COHORTS, CIRCLES OF TRUST, WATERSHED WISDOM COUNCILS, FUNCTIONAL GUILDS and WATER SANCTUARIES) each concentric ring will serve a specific essential function.
Our collaborative model is 'gamified'  to add incentive and value. Our ultimate strategy for each council is to form a DHO structure, (Decentralized, Human Organization) for generating economic and governing alternatives to our dominant economic systems, exploring new methods such as 'Circular' and/or 'Donut' economics, etc.; models that emphasize resilient community-building, inner wholeness, radical resource efficiency, social justice, ecological limits, deep well-being and abundance for All Life. Elemental to this navigation is attracting the Youth, especially the underserved youth in the developing world - to provide them with effective pathways to full success as adults - by integrating into the WEB OF LIFE.
  • The WATERSHED WISDOM COUNCIL CONCEPT (WWCC) is a map for organizing Watershed Stewards into globally networked, bio-regionally connected, locally empowered, and internally aligned small Circles of Trust and Watershed Wisdom Councils. The WUN community-building framework strives to become a central hub for helping to coordinate radical collaboration in cultivating and supporting Regenerative Culture worldwide.
  • Key to the 'Concept' is a renewed perspective of Water, not as a 'resource', but, as the Source of All Life.
  • We also adhere to the bold idea that ~WE ARE THE WATERSHED! We understand that, from a whole-system perspective, a Watershed is far more than just the liquid flowing thru the terrain towards the One Ocean. Most vitally, we place Water at the center of ALL LIFE, as every life form is revitalized by the Water flowing through us, nourishing us as our essential life force. This whole-system approach is striving to regenerate the natural balance for how humans either impacting or integrating into an ecosystem as we move within the terrain.
  • Working from inside out, we are co-creating resilient communities as the most efficient units of global transformation.
  • Even as we dive into the complexity of 'The Imperative', we'll take what time we need to travel at our own pace, within our capacity for absorption, for understanding of the potential, AND to be sure we will have tons of fun while doing so.
  • WUN ATRIUMS guide 'FRESH' WATER STEWARDS (new members) here from our Partner Platforms. Each PARTNER PLATFORMS has a satellite WUN Atrium group page funneling the individuals and groups interested in becoming Water Stewards to this WATERUNITY NETWORKS (WUN) website for orientation and guidance in advancing through the 'Tiers of Engagement'. Each tier serves a specific function in integrating into WUN.
  • We'll progress step-by-step, in organized tiers and phases, progressing as activated Water Stewards advancing into their local↔global Trust Circles and Watershed Wisdom CouncilsWe are each welcome to advance at our own pace and to their own capacity for engagement, balancing within our life's needs and purposes.
  • The first of these is our TIER 1~ORIENTATION providing a general introduction to the imperative, concept, purpose and ethos of this local to global network of change agents, as well as our mission for community-building with more Fresh Water Stewards arriving weekly.
  • Then, if we choose to, we take a deeper dive in the next TIER 2~ONBOARDING to learn the structure and geolocate  in our home Watershed to establish a strong sense of place within our Watershed Communities.
  • TIER 2~ONBOARDING grants us a provisional WUN MEMBERSHIP. Then, if you appreciate what you are learning and wish to dive even deeper, we can advance into TIER 3~ACTIVATION. This is when the vital fun of FULL WUN MEMBERSHIP really begins, as we are starting to generate the connections, collaborations and projects needed to get the really important work implemented, in the soonest possible timeframe. 
  • Once oriented, onboarded, and activated, we'll go thru four more 'Developmental Tiers' with the goal of joining or creating a Circle of Trust, then to transition this into an effective Watershed Wisdom Council, Guild, or Cohort. Each and all of these configurations, these Concentric Engagements are committed to revitalizing the whole balance of All Life within our Watersheds by aligning, connecting and working from Source to Sea and back again.
  • Designed as our public-facing Community Commons, the WUN ATRIUM HOME BASE serves as a primary gathering point for membership into the WATERUNITY NETWORKS (WUN). You can just glean what valuable information is here to serve your needs, or you can dive deeper to learn more about high-level collaborative Water↔ Earth Stewardship.
  • We journey through this process in Cohorts of Trusted Friends ~ both familiar compadres you've brought with us, and new connections we've met along the way. This collective experience of vetting is a vital part of our community-building, and  for integrating new participants into the WUN's mission, culture, values, principles, and practices. 
A key element to the navigation is attracting the climate-concerned youth, especially the underserved youth in the developing world -providing them with effective pathways to full success as adults - integrated into the WEB OF LIFE.




If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup.

You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle.

You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot.

Now, Water can flow or it can crash.

Be Water, my friend.

~ Bruce Lee ~


In the wisdom of Bruce Lee, if the Watershed Wisdom Councils Concept invites us to align with our Source Water and the Life of our Watershed as our foundation, then the WATERUNITY NETWORKS (WUN) are the sturdy vessels holding our best intentions, carrying humanity where we need to go ~ to co-creating a flotilla of change agents sharing the mission to heal humanity's relationship with Source Water and Mother Earth.

WUN is our community commons allowing us to connect around this ideal. It is a safe shared gathering place and workspace serving any individuals, groups, organizations, communities, who, as concerned citizens are already working for the health of their Watersheds, as well as those waking up to this need.

With this design structure we have the opportunity (if we should choose it) for radically collaboration as activated Water~Earth~Life Stewards, each and all operating from the fundamental ethos of cherishing Water as the Essential Source of All Life, not an 'extractable' resource for the profit of a few.

With our strategic organizational design of a local to global confluence of concentric Trust Circles, Wisdom Councils, Affinity Cohorts, Functional Guilds and Ocean Quadrants, we are most effectively coordinating our collective actions. Ideally, every constellation of Water Steward is fully committed and ready to work, self organizing to care for their own bioregion, ultimately gather our collective wisdom together into a mycelial network of networks with a level of collaboration never imagined in known history.

As we begin to move towards co-creating this global safety net, it seems only logical that if we DO align and pattern with Water, the Source of Life as our first foundation, then we are connected to the greatest ally ever for anything else we create. By drawing upon the powerful life force energy for our shared mission, guiding our efforts as Water flows, then we're truly working in radical collaboration from Source to Sea with All Life, retaining what remains of our intact biomes, regenerating what's been lost, and, in time, creating enduring, transformational resiliency in our whole system communities. It is in this way, that we are most assured to succeed.


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