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    WUN GUEST BOOK The WUN Guest Book is our entry into whole-system WATERSHED STEWARDSHIP. As we exploring these first public pages, we stand at the shoreline of a vast One Ocean. Understand that WUN is an emergent process in our collaborative development and we won't be able to see the full scope of the WaterUnity Networks' potential from here. Please trust in what we find just over the horizon as we travel. WUN WELCOMES OUR FRESH WATER STEWARDS Feel free to explore these first public pages of the WUN Atrium Home Base. Return to this page to sign the Guest Book whenever you're ready to take the next steps into your personal Watershed Stewardship adventure. Once you've filled in your information, you'll be able to stay in touch with us, and us with you. Signing the Guest Book gives you access to reminders, updates, occasional newsletters. This is a process of discovery and the Guest Book keeps us updated and informed of the WUN Journey. Feel free to inform us of your highlights for our monthly newsletter. This allows us to support each other in becoming a more accomplished Water Stewards we you advance towards join the "Wellspring" active membership. You opt in by answering yes to the appropriate questions on the form and you can choose to opt out at any time. Be assured, we will never sell or release your information to anyone, ever! If these WUN public pages are all you have capacity for at the moment, that is perfectly fine. This is a step-by-step process and we will each advance at our pace. And, if this small glimpse has awakened your curiosity, you are invited join us in the Tier 1 Orientation, whenever you are ready. We invite your feedback. Go to the Connect page us to contribute your comments. The new Watershed Stewardship model may requires us to use perspective and language in new ways, our Glossary of Terms helps guide us. Thanks for the support.
    “You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~ Rumi WUN NEXT STEPS If you are coming to this WUN Home Base website from one of our Partner Platforms, welcome! We are excited to have you join us! Here in our Home Harbor, we have the chance to dive as deep as we have time and capacity for, advancing at our own pace and interest to the next levels. After perusing these public pages, the Orientation and Onboarding Tiers will lead to the "WELLSPRING" of Activation. This collaborative, community-building membership zone, is where we can delve even deeper into the WUN Watershed Stewardship process. Collaborations are encouraged. Please understand that this self-organizing deepening process is designed to guide us through a progressive sequence of distinct Concentric Tiers of Engagement in order to become better Water Stewards caring for our precious Earth. Currently, there are 7 Concentric Tiers of Engagement following the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept navigational charts. Each Tier needs to be completed in order to advance to the next. TIER 1~ORIENTATION While technically still a public space, this is the first purposeful step toward being activated in the Wellspring. Although, there are a few more simple steps preparing you to get to this point of transition. In the Orientation phase each Fresh Water Steward is requested to join our Primary Partner Platform, the World Water Community here: Please attend at least one ORIENTATION ZOOM CALL for advancing to TIER 2 ONBOARDING. Calls currently occur every Monday @ 11:00 am on Zoom. You can also schedule individual Welcome Call if you can't make that day and time. TIER 2~ONBOARDING After you have completed the TIER1~Orientation, Tier 2~Onboarding in next for learning more about the WUN Watershed Stewardship Process. During the onboarding phase you'll have the opportunity to join into each of our activated WUN Partner Platforms to find the WUN Atrium Portals nested there. Each Partner Platform is selected because they align with the WUN WATER ETHOS and offer specific functions and access to other unique communities, each with their own character. You can find which Partner Platform best serves your needs, and explore all the other options that interest you. TIER 2~Onboarding prepares Fresh Water Stewards for TIER 3~Activation as Wellspring members to begin forming local Circles of Trust, when ready. Each Drop Counts! Dive in.

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The WaterUnity Network is cultivating local Watershed Restoration field projects -- front and center as our primary method of mitigation -- because recent scientific results shows that restoring our Watersheds with living systems solutions is the most available, lowest cost, highest impact, and longest term benefits to avert the climate catastrophe.


It is also shown that actions given to restore a Watershed significantly improves the quality of All Life within and around it.

Additionally, WUN offers groups of concerned citizens the clear navigational charts for learning to become effective Watershed Stewards, providing pathways to the experts, information, and education required for activating your localglobal Watershed Restoration and for building resiliency in your communities.


Working with other regenerative practitioners in radical collaboration, we come together to care for our Water Earth's life-giving biosphere ensuring a hospitable planet, on behalf of our present & future descendants. 

"Climate Change" is the result of the planetary hydrologic cycle, our very life support system, knocked out of balance by human-caused impacts a myriad of factors contribute to the looming collapse of our biosphere.

Our whole system ~ both socially and ecologically ~ is being wounded from a million different bullets and needs a whole system solution to heal Earth's precious body. It is each of our responsibility to find the solutions.

Scalable, replicable Watershed Restoration projects apply at a local community and bioregional level can offer humanity the most accessible, cost-effective, high impact solution with long-term benefits. We have the solid science, the willing experts and the proven, time-tested methods - our challenge is to efficiently organizing citizens for significant effectiveness in the shortest amount of time. WUN strives to bridge this gap.


The WaterUnity Networks (WUN), an community aggregator of our collective wisdom, guided by the organizational design of Water, the Source of All Life on Earth with the navigational charts of the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept (WWCC), offering to help us align our relationships to the Nature of Water, the essence of organization. As a social aggregator and an educational portal, we are inviting radical collaboration for eco-restoration practitioners for the co=creation of resilience community. This local to global alliance is gathering a rising tide of activated Watershed Stewardship for the Earth's biosphere and  Water Cycle, on behalf our Youth and their descendants far into the future.


WUN extends an invitation for all aligned Water lovers, all around the world, to learn our innovative Watershed Stewardship methods, to engage as a clear map for pathways encouraging and training local small group citizen councils, interconnected from source to sea, serving All Life with their active regeneration ~ revitalizing our world's vital Oceans and Watersheds communities NOW and for many generations to come.



Each bioregion and community is committed to the shared mission of rebalancing our planet's hydrologic cycle,  building resiliency in our Watersheds, actively applying effective nature-based solutions for both local and global impact, to address the root of the Climate Crisis, on behalf of present and future generation of All Life.
A key element to the navigation is attracting the climate-concerned youth, especially the underserved youth in the developing world -providing them with effective pathways to full success as adults - integrated into the WEB OF LIFE.
As we evolve towards our ultimate goal to form an interconnected local↔global systems of  Concentric Council Confluences (OCEAN QUADRANTS, AFFINITY COHORTS, CIRCLES OF TRUST, WATERSHED WISDOM COUNCILS, FUNCTIONAL GUILDS and WATER SANCTUARIES) each concentric will serve a specific, fully integrated function.
As we evolve towards our ultimate goal to form an interconnected localglobal systems of  Concentric Council Confluences (OCEAN QUADRANTS, AFFINITY COHORTS, CIRCLES OF TRUST, WATERSHED WISDOM COUNCILS, FUNCTIONAL GUILDS and WATER SANCTUARIES) each concentric will serve a specific, fully integrated function.
Our collaborative model is 'gamified'  to add incentive and value. Our ultimate strategy for each council is to form a DHO structure, (Decentralized, Human Organization) for generating economic and governing alternatives to our dominant economic systems, exploring new methods such as 'Circular' and/or 'Donut' economics, etc.; models that emphasize resilient community-building, inner wholeness, radical resource efficiency, social justice, ecological limits, deep well-being and abundance for All Life. Elemental to this navigation is attracting the Youth, especially the underserved youth in the developing world - to provide them with effective pathways to full success as adults - by integrating into the WEB OF LIFE.
We place Water at at the Center of All Life, because every life form is nourished, nurtured and revitalized by the Water flowing through us, as our essential life force. This whole-system approach revitalizes the natural balance in how humans either impact or integrate into our biome as we move within the ecological terrain.
  • Designed as our public-facing Community Commons, the WUN ATRIUM HOME BASE serves as a primary gathering point for membership into the WATERUNITY NETWORKS (WUN). You can just glean what valuable information is here to serve your needs, or you can dive deeper to learn more about high-level collaborative Water↔ Earth Stewardship.
  • As an online space, the WATERUNITY NETWORKS (WUN) offers a safe haven supporting localglobal practitioners and their land based projects with the required resources to co-create resilient communities connected along Watersheds and bioregions; each sharing the core mission to rebalance our planet's hydrologic cycle and applying the required solutions for solving the root causes of the Climate Crisis for the benefit of present and future generation of All Life ~ THIS IS the critical 'Evolutionary Imperative' for our time.
  • This WUN ATRIUM for the WaterUnity Networks is more than just an entry point into our Community. This is our gateway into a growing global culture of Regenerative Water~Earth Stewardship. It is also a navigational chart to set our course to affecting the greatest beneficial planetary change in the quickest amount of time.

  • The WATERSHED WISDOM COUNCIL CONCEPT (WWCC) is a map for organizing Watershed Stewards into globally networked, bio-regionally connected, locally empowered, and internally aligned small Circles of Trust and Watershed Wisdom Councils. The WUN community-building framework strives to become a central hub for helping to coordinate radical collaboration in cultivating and supporting Regenerative Culture worldwide.
  • Key to the 'Concept' is a renewed perspective of Water, not as a 'resource', but, as the Source of All Life.
  • We also adhere to the bold idea that ~WE ARE THE WATERSHED! We understand that, from a whole-system perspective, a Watershed is far more than just the liquid flowing thru the terrain towards the One Ocean. Most vitally, we place Water at the center of ALL LIFE, as every life form is revitalized by the Water flowing through us, nourishing us as our essential life force. This whole-system approach is striving to regenerate the natural balance for how humans either impacting or integrating into an ecosystem as we move within the terrain.
  • Working from inside out, we are co-creating resilient communities as the most efficient units of global transformation.
  • Even as we dive into the complexity of 'The Imperative', we'll take what time we need to travel at our own pace, within our capacity for absorption, for understanding of the potential, AND to be sure we will have tons of fun while doing so.
  • WUN ATRIUMS guide 'FRESH' WATER STEWARDS (new members) here from our Partner Platforms. Each PARTNER PLATFORMS has a satellite WUN Atrium group page funneling the individuals and groups interested in becoming Water Stewards to this WATERUNITY NETWORKS (WUN) website for orientation and guidance in advancing through the 'Tiers of Engagement'. Each tier serves a specific function in integrating into WUN.
  • We'll progress step-by-step, in organized tiers and phases, progressing as activated Water Stewards advancing into their local↔global Trust Circles and Watershed Wisdom CouncilsWe are each welcome to advance at our own pace and to their own capacity for engagement, balancing within our life's needs and purposes.
  • The first of these is our TIER 1~ORIENTATION providing a general introduction to the imperative, concept, purpose and ethos of this local to global network of change agents, as well as our mission for community-building with more Fresh Water Stewards arriving weekly.
  • Then, if we choose to, we take a deeper dive in the next TIER 2~ONBOARDING to learn the structure and geolocate  in our home Watershed to establish a strong sense of place within our Watershed Communities.
  • TIER 2~ONBOARDING grants us a provisional WUN MEMBERSHIP. Then, if you appreciate what you are learning and wish to dive even deeper, we can advance into TIER 3~ACTIVATION. This is when the vital fun of FULL WUN MEMBERSHIP really begins, as we are starting to generate the connections, collaborations and projects needed to get the really important work implemented, in the soonest possible timeframe. 
  • Once oriented, onboarded, and activated, we'll go thru four more 'Developmental Tiers' with the goal of joining or creating a Circle of Trust, then to transition this into an effective Watershed Wisdom Council, Guild, or Cohort. Each and all of these configurations, these Concentric Engagements are committed to revitalizing the whole balance of All Life within our Watersheds by aligning, connecting and working from Source to Sea and back again.
  • We journey through this process in Cohorts of Trusted Friends ~ both familiar compadres you've brought with us, and new connections we've met along the way. This collective experience of vetting is a vital part of our community-building, and  for integrating new participants into the WUN's mission, culture, values, principles, and practices. 
  • A key element to the navigation is attracting the climate-concerned youth, especially the underserved youth in the developing world -providing them with effective pathways to full success as adults - integrated into the WEB OF LIFE.

1.0) PREPARE: 
1.1) In order to best orient and prepare ourselves for this WUN Water adventure, it is important to click the 'JOIN' button above, to be included in this WUN ATRIUM group. You will get confirmation in your notifications
1.2) The next step is to visit the 'WUN PORTAL' tab, which holds pertinent info outlining the specific steps for Phase 1 and access to the graphics, videos, documents, and other relevant reference links added to guide us together through our journey. 
1.3) The portal is also the entry to our website for a greater understanding and connectivity with the nature of the journey and where you will:
2.1) To familiarize yourself with the WWCC and WUN, please explore the various tabs in the above menu. Here you will find the discussions that will to help us through the various steps of our journey's progression. 
2.3) Please start with the 'WELCOME' document and then you can follow your own muse from there. 
2.4) The 'DISCUSSION' tab is where you will find the community forum. These are open dialogs exploring various topic threads delving into exploring our ongoing development, as well as a FAQ section and space for comments, concerns, and suggestions for improvement. Additionally. this is where we will post community-wide updates and announcements. 

2.5) The place you first landed upon entering this Atrium is the 'FEED' tab. This gives you a wide-ranging current of activity within each specific community group. Please dive in and join the conversation!
2.6) In the 'DOCUMENT' tab we are gathering a repository of relevant wisdom, knowledge, information, and links.
3.1) Please contact our founding WUN Navigator, Eliza Herald, to inform her of your intentions and to explore your level of interest. She will be your primary guide for these first steps.
3.2) Please attend at least 2 orientation calls over the course of 1 month. This is where most of the interaction will be taking place. More details are to be found in the 'WUN Info' tab. The schedule will be posted in the Events menu option here:
3.3) We would love to get to know you. We invite you to introduce yourself in the 'INTRODUCTIONS' thread, found inside the 'DISCUSSIONS' tab above.

  • Our collaborative model is 'gamified' for added incentive and value. It's our strategy for each council, ultimately,  to form a DHAO structure, (decentralized, human autonomous organization) for generating economic and governing alternatives to our collapsing economic realities, exploring new systems such as 'Circular' and/or 'Donut' economics; models that emphasize resilient community-building, inner wholeness, radical resource efficiency, social justice, ecological limits, deep well-being and abundance for All Life.

Join or create a 'COHORT OF FRIENDS';  these are casual  'CIRCLES OF CONNECTION'  based on affinity and precursor to forming of any Circle or Council; these are distinct from the Watershed Wisdom Councils .

We commit to be kind, as well as generously supportive of ourselves, each other, all. Perfection will have to wait.

This whole-systems organizational design model aligns with the nature of our Essential Source Water as our core foundational structure and common bond, co-creating regenerative, resilient local communities, served by an interconnected global network of change agents. Working in nested small councils to regenerate the planetary hydrological cycle, we aggregate our collective wisdom from Headwaters to Ocean and back again.

Indigenous Peoples living close to the Earth know there's only ONE Water on Earth. Scientific knowledge of our planet's hydrologic cycle confirms this. At WUN, we believe a Watershed, as an integrated whole system, is not only the liquid streaming throughout the terrain, it's also comprised of ALL LIFE nourished by the Water flowing within any and every biome.

The key element to the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept (WWCC) is to consider the dynamic natural cycles and flow patterns of Water in building this network for aggregating our collective wisdom. Complimenting this modeling of Water as our foundation is engaging specific web3 and gamification elements as efficient incentives as motivation for our engagement, with an emphasis on attracting the younger Water Stewards.

Another key to our journey into Watershed Stewardship is generating an environment of radical caring and compassion, as well as committed self responsibility for the world that nourishes us. This is a fully participatory, step-by-step, self-organizing adventure of discovery. None of us have sailed this particular Water before, so kindness and generosity are our predominant strategies. So, let's be kind to each other.

Our collaborative adventure begins when those called to participate in the co-creation an abundant, thriving world dive into our commitment to align on behalf of present and future generations of All Life.

WUN strives to nurture the co-creation of regenerative culture, serving those actively engaged in the good work of building radical resiliency in our home Watersheds, local communities, regional systems and global networks, and collaborates to bridge our vast inspiration for a thriving future with implementation of most effective solutions. 

Just as the life of each Watershed is unique, so too are our individual journeys to effective Water Earth Stewardship unique. This is a grand social experiment still in development, like building a ship that has already set sail on stormy seas ... we are still hoisting the sails. We are honored to have you join us.

Every every connection found here in the WUN Atrium provide us with very valuable knowledge.

Even if this as far as you travel with us, there is great enrichment just exploring these public spaces.

Although, please know that there is an entire world of benefit and wisdom that opens up once we passing through these first few phases of orientation and onboarding to move forward into the advance tiers, where we begin co-creating Wisdom Councils and activating our resilient community building.
This design is based on a simple premise, will multidimensional layers of complexity in expression. There is A LOT here. In order to not be overwhelmed, please go at your own pace and capacity.
In order to to become a 'WellSpring' member of the Water Unity Network and be able to progress further , you are invited to complete the intake and review forms at the end of both the TIER 1~ORIENTATION & TIER 2~ONBOARDING Phases. Once these tiers are completed you will be effectively onboarded into the network and will be well  prepared to participate in the next 5 Tiers.

The Watershed Wisdom Councils Concept (WWCC) is conceived as an organizational design blueprint

empowering small local working groups in an interconnected planetary network of wisdom councils working towards the ultimate goal of co-creating effective beneficial change in our own Watersheds.


The WaterUnity Networks (WUN) are the sturdy vessels built to carry this concept and support the people

living within it. It is like a mycelial network of networks, platforms, communities, and activated Water~Earth Stewards, all working from the foundational tenets and ethos of the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept.

The Water Sanctuary Alliance is our high water mark for our efforts; it is the dream we're working towards.

While seemingly complex, the navigational charts of the WaterUnity Networks - and every community of change agent embracing the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept - are founded on one very simple idea ...

"Will humanity align with the essential intelligence of Water as the  Source of All Life for our own thriving?"

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