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PREAMBLE: Why Watershed Wisdom Councils?

The Watershed Wisdom Council Concept, and the WaterUnity Networks created to hold it, are more than just a series of portals providing useful information. We have a very specific mission. We envision the lofty goal of helping to organize resilient communities around the ideal of establishing an emerging global regenerative culture. By aligning with Water, the Source of All Life, as our guiding foundational design, we will work together to turn Planet Earth's social and ecological tipping point toward revitalizing abundance for Humanity and All Life.
Our species has never faced an evolutionary imperative with such magnitude of existential consequences. It's truly a journey into the unknown none of us have ever traveled before. And we're building a ship already under sail on stormy seas.

The world is up against the very real dire potential of cascading global systems collapse in the too near future. Collectively, we seemed to have misplaced the required wisdom, tools, and skills to work together in effectively addressing this global challenge at scale. Nor have we yet rallied sufficient desire to begin turning this massive ship of our world around. It seems more than obvious that much more is needed to reach the level of impact required in time.
Yet, we do not believe in doomsday. Humans are powerful co-creators and have access to all we need. What is really required in this crux moment in history is to dive deep into our shared responsibility and compassionate ethics to become the most appropriate rapid immune response required to heal our ailing Water~Earth body. with the shared goal of ensuring a abundant, peaceful future for all our descendants.

This response needs to be efficiently organized to be successful. Knowing that very person living and breathing has contributed to this situation (some more than others), so we can only solve it together. The question is how.
What is clear is that we can not afford to wait! The time has come to recognize the urgency of the situation, set our differences aside to actively begin working all together, coordinating across all sectors, disciplines, governments, and geographies in order to create and coordinate the most innovative, effective, and equitable solutions required, for not just humanity, but for the sake of All Life.

As the initiators of WUN, our intention is to co-create this network as a safe and efficient gathering space. We are forming a mycelial network of concerned citizens and aligned organizations ready to get onboard with solving this epic challenge - in the most effective manner and the quickest amount of time possible. By coordinating our collective wisdom in interconnected, self-selecting confluences of small working group councils - we are engaging dynamic teams locally, regionally, nationally and globally to connect our efforts like Water flows - aggregating from source to sea, ridge to reef, and back again like rain. ​

We have so much to learn! Every every connection found here on the public-facing WUN Atrium is linking our our Partner and Allies within the WELCOME INTRO page, the TIER 1~ORIENTATION of the Outer Atrium, and the TIER~2 ONBOARDING of the Inner Atrium to provide us with very valuable knowledge. Even if this as far as you travel with us, there is great enrichment exploring just these public spaces.

Although, please know that there is an entire world of benefit and wisdom that opens up once we passing through these first few phases of orientation and onboarding as we move forward into the advance tiers to actually begin co-creating Wisdom Councils and activating our resilient community building.

In order to to become a 'WellSpring' member of the Water Unity Network and progress further along this journey, you will be invited to complete the intake forms at the end of both the TIER 1~ORIENTATION & TIER 2~ONBOARDING Phases. You will be onboard and prepared to participate in the next 5 Tiers of training.

We'll be traveling on our learning path with cohorts of trusted friends ~ both the familiar compadres you may have brought along with you, as well as new connections you meet along the way ~ we will be progressing step-by-step, in the organized tiers and phases, starting here and now. This website is our navigational chart for guiding us in generate the connections, councils, collaborations and projects needed to get this important work done... together.


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