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The Heartistic Chestahedron

Discovering the geometry of the Chestahedron and the heartistic work of Frank Chester provides us with an exciting visual model that easily aligns with the organizational design structure of the WaterUnity Networks (WUN). From its very first inkling as the vision, the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept (WWCC) was designed around the mathematics and symbolism of the number seven.

This is only a brief introduction to Frank's important discoveries. We'll further explore the relationship between Frank's work and WUN in later tiers.

In summary, the Chestahedron is a unique polyhedron that has been explored by Frank Chester for its mathematical and spiritual properties. Seeing its seven faces are arranged in a specific way that creates an intriguing relationship between its dimensions and the human heart. understanding that one of the key visions of the WWCC and WUN is to "Awaken the Heart of Humanity" it feels right to align with the Chestahedron as an accurate geomentric design model for describing the creation and organization of the Watershed Wisdom Councils
Frank Chester is an artist, sculptor and geometrician who lives in San Francisco. He has taught art for more than thirty years in high schools and colleges., Frank's life's work has been exploring the relation between form and spirit. This led him to take up researching the number seven. In 2000 he discovered a new geometric form never seen before. He called the form a 'Chestahedron'.

The Chestahedron is a three-dimensional shape with seven faces, including 3 congruent kite-shaped faces that meet at the apex, and 4 congruent equilateral triangular faces, one of which is the base and the other 3 filling the bottom faces of the shape where the 3 kite shapes flare out.

The Chestahedron has a total of twelve corners or vertices, and each face meets at three vertices. The Chestahedron has some interesting properties, including its symmetry, its ability to form a bell shaped vortex when spinning, its relationship to the seven musical notes in an octave.

Additionately, this previously unknown unique 3-dimensional geometric shape demonstrates a remarkable correlation to the form and functioning of the human heart. On the basis of experimentation with various related geometric forms and the movement of Water in a vortex, Frank is uncovering indications concerning the relationship between etheric formative forces and the geometry, structure, and physiology of the human heart.
Frank’s artistic process has much to teach us about objective realty. “Balancing” says Frank, “is the primary function of the heart. Our inner work improves balance. When we are able to see ‘periphery’ and ‘center’ simultaneously; when we see ‘self’ and ‘other’ with equal equanimity, then we give the heart a loosening quality of balance that allows it to evolve etheric forces. The heart is not a pump, but an organ in which etheric space is created, so that the blood is sucked into the heart rather than pumped."

Frank Chester's research findings regarding the function of the human heart proposes that the geometric structure of the heart creates an etheric space that allows blood to be pulled into the heart through suction pressure, rather than pushed out by pumping pressure.

While it is important to note that these ideas are not yet widely accepted in the scientific community and remain a matter of debate and ongoing research, there is enough resonance between Frank's artistic and scientifice research and the organizational design of the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept to be able to draw exciting correlations. Gratitude to Frank for his incredible generosity in giving his agreement to the alignment of these two big bodies of work.


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