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WWCC↔WUN Water Ethos

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in Water. "

-- Loren Eiseley, "The Immense Journey," 1957 --


Here are 12 core principles at the heart of our Water Stewardship. This is the foundation of the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept, and forms the ethical structure of the WaterUnity Networks. To complete your onboarding, we'll ask for your agreement on these vital tenets.
● Water is the Source of All Life on Earth, not an exploitable resource to neglect;

All Life on Earth is the infinite creative expression of Water; expressed as Life's diversity;
● One of the fundamental principle of hydrology states there is only One Water on Earth,
so, it follows then that is there is only One Interconnected Life on Earth;

● Humans are mammals composed of 99% Water, by molecular count, and we are fully integral to nature and the whole-life system of a Watershed, whether we know it or not;

● It's essential to integrate human activities within the health, sustainability and balance
of the whole system.

● Transformation of one’s self, from the inside out, is the source of all abiding positive
transformation of relationships;

● "WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER”; the only solution to our societal crises is radical collaboration;

● Local community is the most effective unit of global transformation, as it the most
appropriate scale for the vital co-creation of an enduring resiliency in society as a whole.

● Do unto those downstream of you as you would have those upstream do unto you;

● Commit to being respectful, generous and peaceful - most importantly; BE KIND TO SELF, OTHERS & ALL LIFE;

● We gratefully cherish Pure Water as if all of life depends on it, because it does;

● TIME IS NOW! ALL HANDS ON DECK (Every drop counts, we each have a part to play!)


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