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The Wisdom of a Watershed

“Nature is a totally efficient, self-regenerating system. IF we discover the laws that govern this system and live synergistically within them, sustainability will follow and humankind will be a success.”

--- Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) --

In geographic terms, every Watershed is a natural designation of land consisting of protruding peaks and sheltering valleys, where all the rain that falls within its boundaries drain down from the ridges to a common low point, such as a river, lake, and most often, to arrive finally in the ocean.

Yet, a Watershed is so much more than this simple geological definition. Far from being a 'closed' simple, static delineation, every Watershed is a unique and highly dynamic multidimensional whole-system with constant inflow and outputs. By natural design, an abundant diversity of life should be flourishing within it clearly defined borders, as each current of Water draining through a landscape represents a distinctive constellation of elements expressing the whole of creation.

The core branching pattern of Water is found everywhere in nature, engaging All Life as it flows, aggregating volumes of information via all the Earth's Waterbodies, always seeking fair balance and nurturing All Life. In other words, all of life on Earth is the infinite creative expression of Water.
Nothing on Earth is wiser than WATER.
Supporting a nourishing and thriving biodiversity within any Watershed is essential for the overall health of the entire system; it is as essential as rain for every bioregion, upstream and dow to the ocean and back again. This integrity of a Watershed impacts not only the immediate environment but ultimately, of all life existing within the broader biome. Humans are also irrevocably integral to this whole system balance.

Despite our predominant delusion of separation, humanity is a vital part of every Watershed. The ongoing health and well-being of the life of a watershed depends on the caliber of the presence and actions of humans, we have to chose whether we are either good stewards of the planet which sustains us or are we mindless extractive consumption throwing the natural balance irreparably out of whack leaving an inhospitable Earth for future generations. Water will ALWAYS ensure that life will abide and thrive ... our question for ourselves is how will we, as a collective species, choose to participate.

In order for solving the nuanced global challenges we are facing as a species - remembering that Humanity is an integral element in the balance of every ecosystem whether we know it or not ... whether we like it or not - it seems we would be wise to adapt to Water's intelligent design, which inherently allows for efficient management of life's complexes, rather than fight so hard to try to circumvent it.

We exist as one life force in a closed hydrological cycle with the covalent hydrogen bond as our common bond with the rest of Life. It only makes common sense to engage in the greatest allegiance ever - with Water's design, the essential wisdom of the Source of Life - as we seek to address the planetary dysfunction that, as we live and breathe, we've each contributed to and are each responsible to as a piece of the solution. We are in these epic times together, so we must get through it TOGETHER, What a concept! This is the heart of the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept and the WaterUnity Network.


Here are 11 core principles at the heart of the Water Stewardship serving as our North Star.
● Water is the Source of All Life on Earth, not an exploitable resource to neglect;

All Life on Earth is the infinite creative expression of Water; expressed as Life's diversity;
● One of the fundamental principle of hydrology states there is only One Water on Earth,
so, it follows then that is there is only One Interconnected Life on Earth;

● Humans are mammals composed of 99% Water, by molecular count, and we are fully integral to nature and the whole-life system of a Watershed, whether we know it or not;

● It's essential to integrate human activities within the health, sustainability and balance
of the whole system.

● Transformation of one’s self, from the inside out, is the source of all abiding positive
transformation of relationships;

● "WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER”; the only solution our societal crises is radical collaboration;

● Local community is the most effecitive unit of global transformation; it vital to co- creating enduring resiliency in society.

● Do unto those downstream of you as you would have those upstream do unto you;

● Commit to being respectful, generous and peaceful - most importantly; BE KIND TO SELF, OTHERS & ALL LIFE;

● We gratefully cherish Pure Water as if all of life depends on it, because it does;

● TIME IS NOW! ALL HANDS ON DECK (Every drop counts, we each have a part to play!)


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